Help us recycle materials

If you are one of the people who visited the exhibition Las seis ventanas (The Six Windows) by the artist Sol Calero during 2023?

Las seis ventanas (The Six Windows) was a site-specific immersive installation by Sol Calero. An interest in participation and collaboration run throughout Sol Calero’s artistic practice. The public was invited to take part of the exhibition by creating mosaic pieces made in workshops throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Now that the exhibition is over, we would like to invite everyone to buy the lovely mosaics and donate 40 NOK or more to Doctors Without Borders per mosaic.

About Sol Calero
Sol Calero (b. 1982, Caracas, Venezuela) is best known for making spatial installations consisting of paintings, mosaics, and ceramic and architectural elements. These often create a framework for social situations the public are invited to engage in, in order to explore different forms of social interaction.