Nona and Studio Nona

In January 2020 the museum opened NONA, featuring the Studio Nona workshop and an exhibition space that focuses on interaction between artworks and viewers. The museum offers a rich program of educational activities for schools and the general public.

Who is Nona?
Join our mascot Nona at the art museum. Nona is a creative and curious child who enjoys marvelling at the art in the museum. Nona also likes to create herself, which is why she has given her name to the museum's workshop - Studio Nona. Here, you can participate in one of the many activities associated with the exhibitions. Studio Nona is self-service, except for our announced workshop offerings posted on the museum's website.

Look for Nona when you're at the museum and get to know the art in new ways. The mascot Nona also serves as a guide for children's companions at the museum. Wherever Nona is, you'll always find something exciting to talk about or do together with children and young people at the museum.


We have high ambitions for children and young people's encounters with art. Next to Studio Nona you will find an exhibition series with Norwegian and international contemporary artists. The exhibitions focus on play, participation and interaction and invite the audience to take part in various creative processes.

Right now we are showing the exhibition Sol Calero – Las seis ventanas (The Six Windows). In this exhibition, the audience is invited to participate by making mosaic pieces for a collective floor work, which will take shape during the exhibition period.