From the balcony

A Look at the Regional Art Scene

07. Nov 2020 - 27. Dec 2020

This summer, we invited artists affiliated with our region (Rogaland) to send in proposals for works of art they would like to present in a group exhibition. The COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for Stavanger Art Museum to carry out its planned exhibition programme, at the same time as artists in the region were seriously affected by the cancelling of exhibitions and scheduled projects.

Given the current circumstances, we are grateful for the opportunity to create an exhibition that presents some of the breadth and quality in the field of art in our region. The exhibiting aims to present a vision of the current artistic practice within our region and does not have a comprehensive theme. You will find art works examining the role of the artist, material and media specific explorations, humorous and poetic works, views on our contemporary culture, works that relate to nature and perceptions of the landscape, works thematizing violence and abuse and works that look at society's and the individual's vulnerability in a time of extreme stress.

The exhibition title can be interpreted in several ways. We see it as a metaphor for how the pandemic restricts our freedom of movement. It could also refer to an experience the public can participate in when visiting the exhibition.

The works on show were selected on the basis of submitted material and do not reflect evaluations of any artist’s entire practice. The exhibition does not give a complete picture of artistic life in our region, but it does certainly show part of the rich artistic quality that exists and is represented here.

Participating artists:

Kristin Austreid
Ann Kristin Bergesen
Per Christian Brown
Matt Bryans
Markus Bråten
Agnes Btffn
Linnéa Blakéus Calder
Duckert Detroit
Ingvild Melberg Eikeland
Liv Tandrevold Eriksen
Jens Erland
Jørund Aase Falkenberg
Anette Gellein
Christine Hansen
Anna Ihle
Christopher Jonassen
John Josefsen
Mari Kolbeinson
Tove Kommedal
Ingeborg Kvame
Hans Christian van Nijkerk
Espen Pedersen
Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh
Ananda Serné
Maiken Stene
Eva Sæverud
Ingrid Toogood
Kenneth Varpe
Morten Jensen Vågen
Marit Aanestad