New works from the collection

In 2017, Stavanger Art Museum bought Ane Hjort Guttu's video work Freedom Requires Free People (2011). The film shines a spotlight on the relationship between freedom and coercion in primary school. It also questions the conditions for critical thinking within educational institutions and in society in general. This year we have acquired the work sequel to Freedom Requires Free People, namely the film Conversation, 2021 (2023). Both works can now be seen in a separate exhibition.

We also show the most recently arrived work in the Trond Mohn's Collection. The work Periodic Remains (2023) is a collaborative work initiated by Vera Wyller and carried out together with Damla Kilickiran, Wenkai Xu, Marius Engh, Marit Følstad, and Sverre Wyller.

Works by key artists such as Hamish Fulton and Else Marie Hagen are also on display.