Slow Waltz

Works from the collections

18. May 2019 - 04. Aug 2019

Move through rooms with minimalist drawings, tactile paintings, sensory photographs, organic sculptures and intimate videos.

The exhibition title Slow Waltz is borrowed from a bronze sculpture by Aase Texmon Rygh. Two abstract forms stand close together, like two slowly moving legs. Slow movement is a key theme for this exhibition: the works have a contemplative character and a drawn-out viewing tempo, for the formal and hushed qualities are in focus.

The exhibition presents works produced by 26 artists during the period 1930–2017. Several are new and on show for the first time. With the exception of the works by Aase Texmon Rygh and Anne Marthe Dyvis, all the featured works of art are from the Jan Groth and Steingrim Laursen Collection.

Built over many years, the Groth and Laursen Collection is constantly developing. It ranges from the intimate to the monumental, from the figurative to the abstract. It is characterized by artistic reflection but also by humour and diversity.

Slow Waltz is curated by Inger M.L. Gudmundson and Vibece Salthe.

Anne Marthe Dyvi
Berenice Abbott
Betty Parsons
Camilla Wærenskjold
Christina Zück
Cindy Sherman
Elisabeth Alsos Strand
Germaine Richier
Heidi Kennedy Skjerve
Howardena Pindell
Inger Johanne Grytting
Jennifer Pastor
Jutta Schwalbach
Kathrine Giæver
Kristina Matousch
Linda Francis
Louise Nevelson
Mette Tronvoll
Nina Mushinsky
Ruth Vollmer
Signe Marie Andersen
Sonja Ferlov Mancoba
Tone Vigeland
Trine Lise Nedreaas
Aase Texmon Rygh